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I am a writer, happiness coach & trainer, and web & graphic designer. My life purpose is to spread joy and love wherever I go by adding a smile or some laughter to someone’s day.

Day 2 ATM – Abundance Thriving Manifestation Program


How do deal with fears and What if’s How to feel great every time of the day regardless to what is happening How to keep performing even when it is challenging Practical empowering tools to use when need a boost Manifesting Success Language Being the powerful creator of your life ! To access this post,

Day 1


Set your life to thrive and succeed How to free yourself from the past ! How to create “Mission Statement” for your life thriving ! Finding our lives purpose Manifesting tools that actually work, every time ! Taking actions that will accomplish desired outcomes ! Managing yourself to guarantee success Homeplay exercises to actually fulfill

The Intelligence of the Stomach


Research shows that there is such an extensive network of neurons lining the guts that scientists have nicknamed it our ‘second brain’. Our second brain, apart from handling digestion and nervousness, also helps determine our mental state and plays a role in certain diseases throughout the body. It doesn’t engage in any complex thought processes,

The Intelligence of the Heart


The Intelligence of the Heart According to many years of research done by the Heartmath Institute in California, the heart has an electromagnetic field or ‘energetic aura’, which can be read and felt by other people’s hearts and brains? This energy that the heart emits is always pulsating and affecting its environment and can help

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