Nya Gregor Fleron

Happiness Coach
Personal Trainer
Business Owner

  • Committed to helping you bring more joy and happiness into your life by expanding your comfort zone

  • Committed to pushing you just right to change your perspective to be more of you and less about the fear-based perceptions you have about who you are

  • Committed to helping you open your mind, heart and body to new more uplifting experiences and possibilities for you

Nya Gregor Fleron grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, and makes her home in New York City, where she runs her own business, writes books and helps people remember and trust that they each have their own personal happiness tool set. She is also an avid student and practitioner of energy healing, tantra and yoga. Nya is also the author of the novel Kali’s Gift—read more about it at kalisgift.com.

In recent years, she’s found that her life purpose is to spread joy and love wherever she goes by adding a smile or a laugh to someone’s day. In order to do this, she is committed to staying happy herself and this process is helping her tackle life with her heart, let go of her fears and communicate and connect better to the world around her.

With her book Staying Happy: Personal Happiness through Movement and Love, she hopes to be able to get people worldwide smiling on a daily basis. In the book, she gives constructive, uplifting and empowering insights into how any of us can live a life with happiness and joy by developing our own happiness skill-set building on who and what we already are. The body is built to keep us happy and pain-free, so it’s a matter of understanding how the mind and its limiting perceptions and expectations can get in the way of that happening. And ultimately, it is about how we can learn to live  life more from the heart and develop an emotional intelligence that will help bring more freedom, peace and joyful flow into our life.

Through workshops and personal sessions, Nya facilitates a space in which you can explore who you are and be given new tools to know how to better work with who you are (mind, body and heart) and develop a better skill-set that enables you to feel better about your life and bring more joy and love into it. Nya helps you remember that you can tune into joy, peacefulness and love whenever and wherever you are.

What is your next step to living your happy life?