Hanna Katz

Leadership Empowerment
Success & Relationship Coach
Public Speaker
RIBA PIII Architect

Empowering People to Thrive & Transform, and Fulfilling Their Life’s Purpose!

Highly Experienced Manager, Architect, Exceptional Life Coach Training and Developing Leaders

Empowering People to Thrive & Transform, Fulfilling on Their Life’s Purpose

I am passionate about creating a World of Peace,

Am committed to empowering people to thrive,

Propelling human consciousness evolution to a new levels

Creating honouring relationships

Hanna is Committed to Supporting You in a Safe, Empowering & Nurturing Way to Live a Fulfilling Life, Honouring Relationships & Explore Spirituality & Self Healing Methods.

All Hanna’s Workshops Use Safe, Powerful & Highly Effective Methods From Traditional Tantric Practices, Modern Psychology & Coaching

Hanna Actively Practice Tantric Way of Life, Pursuing Her Purpose to Empower & Liberate All, Creating a World Of Peace Form Human-Unity.

Hanna, Maha Kali Ma, has been practising Tantra for over 4 decades, bringing together a Unique Synthesis of Practices & Coaching, Ancient Authentic Tantra Kriya Yoga Practices & Kabbalist teachings Heritage, Sufi Meditations, Kundalini Yoga, Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism; Psycho-Sexual Therapy, Tai chi, Healing Methods & Initiating in the Cosmic Cobra Breath

Teaching Tantra since 1998 around the world: Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Greece, Holland, Israel, Mexico, New-Zealand, Poland, Spain, UK, USA: NY, Miami, California & more

Initiated by Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati, Bodhi Teja & Amber,

  • University Lecturer, Programme Leader, Landmark Forum Communicator Manager & ExtraOrdinary Life Coach

  • Trained in Counselling & Colourpuncture / Colour Light Therapy & Tachyon Healing

  • A holistic RIBA qualified Architect & Reiki & Karuna Master

  • Produced Mantra & Meditations Music see Free Stuff Page

  • Initiated by Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati, Bodhi Teja & Amber

You’re always an IL (Leader) at heart AND you’re special type of leader, you’re our spiritual teacher, our tantra goddess… you are the reason I’m here (international leader). You were such a big part in all of us being leaders
“…honestly, I’ve started practising tantra with my partner…You were my first tantra teacher. Even at Landmark you stayed true to your tantric and spiritual nature and it’s so inspiring ❤❤❤
Chrissie obillo •

Known as the celebrities’ best kept secret.

A. N. •

Hanna is a rare gem of a life coach. One session with her will literally transform your life.

Billy Reid •

Key Accomplishments

  • Training Leaders, Leading & Expanding Growth in Europe; inCentre Registration Manager at Landmark
  • Running Personal Development Workshops for 20 years
  • Lecturer & Programme Leader Bournemouth University degree course in 3D Modelling & Animation & CAD
  • Designed Ecological  Education Centre & Consultancy to Council Sustainability Green Paper
  • Designed and constructed my own Yoga Centre in Salisbury Wiltshire
  • Produced Science Fiction Film, Premiered at the BFI London and Internationally
  • Published / Authored 5 Books, 2 Films & Several Music cds
  • International Public Speaker & Trainer in Evolution of Consciousness
  • Design Superyacht 7 star Floating Hotel for a Royal Family Member
  • Designed Baron Rothschild’s Rosh Pina Development of Historical Site for Ministry of Tourism Israel
  • Conversion of a Chapel near Tisbury Wiltshire & two Barns Downton Wiltshire

Career History

  • In-Centre Registration Manager & Landmark Forum Communicator Landmark
  • Film Producer / Executive Producer – Ellipse SciFi Film AZ152 LTD
  • Principal Architect Equinox Architects
  • Principal Architect Solstice Architects
  • CAD Degree Lecturer & Programme Leader Bournemouth University

Earlier Career

Architect & Architectural Technician Troubleshooting 4 Local Authorities Architect Departments Designs: Basingstoke Transport Museum, Hampshire City Council; Portsmouth City Council; Southampton City Council; Dorset City Council; Salisbury MOD; Broadway Malayan Architects Southampton, Morrows chartered Surveyors; John Shelbourne Architect, Plenke Leaman & Browning Architects; Wessex Health Authority as Trainee Clerk Of Works

Qualifications & Training

  • BA Hons Architecture \ Post Graduate Diploma \ Professional Practice RIBA III & ARB
  • PGCE Higher Education
  • PGCE Management Level 4
  • I.C.W. Institute Clerk of Works
  • Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling
  • CAD AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Combustion

Other Information

Voluntary Work With Gratitude; feeding the community

Interests Human Evolution Science, Spirituality  & Science Fiction Books & Films


  • Unique Synthesis of Skills, from psycho-dynamics counselling to managing and expanding businesses
  • Exceptionally Enrolling
  • Great Negotiator
  • High achiever Producing results and Competitive Edge
  • Love people
  • Making a real contribution to the quality of people’s’ lives
  • Committed to making a huge contribution to society from social enterprise, charity work to evolving consciousness,
  • Highly organised and effective in production and communication
  • Troubleshooter extraordinair, rising to challenges, solving problems
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Producing systems to streamline methods
  • Empowering people to be the best they can be
  • Work synergistically in Teams
  • Produced Films, Organising & Production Skills
  • Fundraising for film production
  • Produced IM Information Memorandum for Investors in film as a HMRC approved Hedge fund
  • Coordinating events and international workshops,
  • Logistics and Events Production and Managing Guest Speakers
  • Managing my own businesses for many years
  • Managing Landmark Worldwide growth and training leaders
  • CRM
  • Managed Assistance Programme Training at Landmark of 100 participants each programme
  • Daily training assistants from 5 to 30 assistants
  • Networking and Implementing Actions
  • First Point of Contact with Customers as they required support with personal/emotional issues
  • Was Face and Voice of Transformation / Landmark
  • Creating Culture of Excellence in Customer Care
  • Training Reception Staff in Customer Care
  • Highly confidential as trained in therapy and Landmark Customer needs
  • Implement “Mission Control” System
  • Independant, Proactive and Self Generating / Motivating
  • “God is in the Detail ! “ from Architecture to managing people this is the key
  • Computer Competency in Office Application, CAD and Social Media
  • Computer Proficiency as was teaching CAD & Animation Degree

Produced SciFi Film Ellipse, premiered at the BFI May 2013

More Testimonials

“Hanna Katz single handedly saved my marriage with her wonderfully insightful and powerful coaching”.

B 2019

“Hanna is a rare gem of a life coach. One session with her will literally transform your life“.

Billy Reid

“Known as the celebrities best kept secret ”

A. N.

“Hanna’s passion for her work and clients elevates her to the level of legendary status in my eyes. ”

Billy Reid

Hanna Katz vast experience and knowledge of many therapeutic disciplines makes her a very valuable coach.”

Billy Reid

” On so many levels Hanna Katz is capable of making a difference to your life.
She made such a difference to me and my marriage that I will always be eternally grateful to her. ”

Billy Reid