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We are Diamonds


We are Diamonds, Multidimensional. Multifaceted complex dynamic Divine-Design beings with many personalities ! Why on earth would we distill our essence with a one-liner in a futile attempt to fix & label ourselves so that we MAY be acceptable & palatable to others !?! Each of us is a unique creature of nature. Celebrate who

Zoom Out !


Zoom Out ! When we do this practice, our whole occurrence of “reality” & interpretation of our life’s experiences alters. Knowing the past is a memory, and the future is our fantasy, all we have is now. Be curiously engaged in this moment and allow yourself to be surprised by what is arising newly, redefining

Quantum Leap in our levels of Consciousness Evolution


Quantum Leap in our levels of Consciousness Evolution, Creating new world reality in our Multiverse – ATM Day 8: Life as a paradox & a miracle, & much more.Link below for video teaching. Thrive ! Live the Life You Love. #Tantra, #Yoga, #Spirituality, #PersonalDevelopment, #Healing, #Hanna, #Awareness, #Effective, #Leadership, #Self, #Therapy, #Coach, #Happy, #Ken WIlber, #Integral Institute, #Evolution, #Consciousness To access this post, you must purchase ATM - Abundance Thriving Manifesting Program

Day 7 “Ask and It Shall Be Given” – Your Life force is God force !


“Ask and It Shall Be Given”. Your Life force is God force ! Cultivate and act with certainty ! Excuses dis-empower you ! The universe is conspiring to support you, rather than conspire against you. Articulate your gratitude. Eliminate your moaning. Alter your vibrational resonance is the manifestation magnet. rather than stemming from scarcity mindset.

Your Wow Factor in Success


Day 6 We will be addressing and Defining Your Wow Factor & Dreams in Success Clear your Shelf-Help Books ! Make everyday your new year, Make everyday your honeymoon. Be Your inner lover and honour the one you are with. Dreams are your inner desires, the fuel for the journey, your goals, your road-map for

Day 5 – Effectiveness Tools


Propelling your life, effectiveness & performance to whole new levels ! We will talk about the RCPA method Look at implementing effectiveness and enabling productivity. The HK DW system to focus, plan, track & have balance, easily & effortlessly. We will look and address 10 different areas of our life so we really get the

Day 4 – What’s Love Got To Do With Success? Abundance Thriving Manifesting ATM Program

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What’s Love Got To do With success? Everything ! Love Yourself / Life / Work / Customers It’s all about Love Everything is about relationships. Our relationship to our mobiles/cells It is in relationships to ourselves the world as a perfect mirror to us, where we are at in our consciousness evolution as individuals and

Habit Scroll 1 – Og Mandino


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