Abundance Thriving Manifesting Program

Good morning, afternoon and evening wherever you are in the world!

Happy New Gregorian year!

New Year resolutions only work when you take COMMITTED ACTION.

And when you have an ACCOUNTABILITY COACH.

Abundance flows through you.

You are the channel for riches to be expressed on planet earth.

You are the source of abundance.

You are the holy chalice you’ve been searching for.

You are the miracle. You are. I am that.

Abundance does not happen to you.

When you get yourself out of the way, you then get that you are it.

You are the river of life’s abundance.

Live a purposeful life contributing selflessly to others. When we are at service and others grow, we thrive and are fulfilled.

Learn to live from an abundance mindset rather than scarcity, lack and envy.

“Compression” an unusual word “Furhanising” celebrate other’s success will get you all the success you desire.

Become a miracles abundance magnet.

Lift the dam of your limiting identification thoughts and surrender to the flow of universal abundance that demands to be expressed through you!

You are the instrument. You are the magic wand.


  • A year of unlimited access to online coaching & training

  • Each day you’ll receive a new audio, video, pdf or exercise to do

  • Results are guaranteed, providing you actually do the home-play work

  • This program is non-refundable

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Who I Am:

Hanna Tantra Katz.

Spiritual Entrepreneur. Tourist Guide. ATM Coach with numerous years experience as a life coach. Spiritual Teacher. Tantra Yoga Teacher. Therapist, Architect, Film & Music Producer. Author. Property Investor. Motivational Public Speaker & all around great, fun, inspirational coach and a great mother.

They call me “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret” & the Tantra Guru of the celebs.

  • Worked with famous stars and authors taught on Bob Proctor’s cruise.
  • Was Senior Manager at Landmark Worldwide, a leading personal, professional training & development group.
  • Trained thousands of leaders across the globe.
  • Presented a show on Hay House radio.
  • Honoured by Her Royal Highness the Queen by invitation to Buckingham Palace.
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Who is it for:

If you come across my work it is for you!

It is for:

  • anyone who is desiring to elevate their lives to a whole new level
  • anyone who desires to propel their relationships to new heights
  • everyone who desire to transcend and recreate enlightenment experience
  • anyone who desires to thrive financially and way beyond
  • anyone who desires to making a huge difference contributing to human-unity, for the benefit of all
  • It is NOT for you if you want to keep being the victim of your circumstances.
  • It is not for you if you are not willing to do what it takes to transform your life.
  • Only you can do it for yourself.


It builds on the foundation laid previously! It happens naturally. Seemingly effortlessly

You may want to quit that’s when you know the program is working and you are snooty up have a breakthrough!

This is where the juice is. If it’s easy you are not learning anything.

Being extra awareness where you check out. This you need to hear.

If you are too busy to dedicate /meditate 30 minutes a day you must do double this you will benefit and produce even more.

No updates. What you signed for is it.

Do the home play and you will succeed.

What you focus on you get. Even if you desire not to have it. Subconscious does not complete negative.


1/2 an hour – 1 hour a day.

Option 1: £30 a month (total £360 per year training (set up payment in advance)

Option 2: £250 one year subscription, discounted rates (saving £110 instead of full year tuition £360 !)

Private coaching available by application only.

Please post your questions in an email to hannatantra@gmail.com

You will get:

  • Unlimited access to coaching & training online
  • Each day you’ll get a new audio, video, pdf or exercise to do
  • Results are guaranteed providing you actually do the home play work
  • This program is non-refundable